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SCRUMPTIOUS is one of its kind full service Cafe and Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt/Ice-Cream Lounge. Scrumptious, a one of a kind eatery located by Wilmington`s historic Trolley Square.
05. July 2016

We feature a breakfast menu that is out of this world with a wide variety of gourmet coffees, drinks and of course, our frozen treats. We provide extra discounts to our public safety and military personnel who visit us in uniform as way to say thanks for all that you do every day.

In a town surrounded with few of the most famous bars Delaware has to offer, SCRUMPTIOUS was launched in 2012 with one thing in mind, FAMILY!!!! We provide a family friendly atmosphere with free Wi-Fi access for all our customers. Whether you have a sweet tooth, or are a caffeine enthusiast or a breakfast/brunch fanatic, Scrumptious is bound to satisfy your taste pallet.

SELF-SERVE FROZEN YOGURT / ICE CREAM - Choose from the ever-changing eight (8) different frozen yogurt flavors, along with one of the largest topping bars in Delaware.

SCRUMPTIOUS CATERING - Whether it`s a group of five (5) or 50, food for Scrumptious is sure to be a hit.

Scrumptious - Delicious Food

Our Services


Scrumptious offers its complete Breakfast menu as well as a rotating brunch menu inspired from travels around the globe. Whether you need a breakfast sandwich to begin your day, or brunch with friends to relax, Scrumptious is sure to satisfy your cravings.

FroYo (Over 8 Flavor and 50 Toppings)

The coolest (pun intended) way of eating FroYo. Create your own flavors, choose your own toppings and last but not least, even select your own flavor you will like to eat. We turn your imagination into reality in our Scrumptious FroYo lab! This allows us to cater your dietary needs. Whether you are Vegans, Dairy allergic or prefer organic…. We make it possible.


Our goal is to provide the best tasting coffee that is sourced ethically and served at its freshest state. Scrumptious partnered with a local roaster out of Maryland, allowing us to micro order all the beans and offer variety of single origin blends from all across the globe at its freshest state.